The Nissan Rogue AWD

So how do you like the Nissan Rogue AWD? Don’t know much about it yet? Read on and we’ll get into some of the details on the model and compare it a little with it’s top competitors.


In case you lost track like I did the Rogue was introduced in the 2008 model year and is mostly the same vehicle now that it was then apart from some styling updates.


There is a front wheel drive model available but why would we want to look at that when you have the option of going with AWD Rogue? After all AWD and 4WD vehicles are what we talk about around here.


Nissan Rogue AWD Specs & Features


So let’s check out what the Nissan Rogue has to offer…Hhmmm…A four cylinder 2.5L engine that’ll give you 170 HP and 175 lb-ft of torque. OK, sounds like it should get decent fuel mileage right?


Nissan Rogue AWD 2EPA estimates are 22/26 MPG city/hwy for the AWD Rogue. In the real world you can probably do even better than that on the highway since some Rogue owners have achieved as much as 33MPG on highway cruises.


The folks in the review video below got 29.5 highway with an average of 24.5 MPG. Not bad in the mileage department I’d say.


The only transmission the Nissan Rogue AWD comes with is a continuously variable CVT unit. Normally these are considered to be one of the worst things that could happen to a model from a performance perspective.


The folks at Autoblog report that it wasn’t too bad though and given the role the Rogue is meant to play in the automotive universe the CVT probably isn’t a big deal. If you are an auto enthusiast who just has to get a small crossover SUV because of practical reasons you might want to look at a couple other options though. We’ll get to those before long…


If safety features are an interest of yours the Rogue features similar safety precautions to the Cube we discussed in an earlier post. A few of them are:


  • Vehicle Dynamic Control (to keep morons from losing control of the vehicle!)
  • Traction Control System (to keep hot rodders from having an burnout fun!)
  • Forward and side curtain airbags (to hinder Superman imitations)


Nissan Rogue AWD vs. The Competition


If you’re on the fence about the Rogue let me give you a nudge…keep looking. In the style department I’d say the Rogue is pretty ugly (too lumpy all over and pointed in the nose) and when you combine that with a small 4 cylinder and a CVT it just seems like there are better options in the small SUV department. Just my opinion of course but here are some other models to consider:


  • Toyota’s RAV4 (you can get it with a 260+ HP V6)
  • BMW’s X3 (Well, it’s a BMW. Plus, some models available with a manual transmission)
  • Subaru’s Forester (much better styling than the Rogue plus a turbo charged XT model)
  • Jeep’s Liberty (it’s a Jeep and actually capable of off road feats of daring if need be)


If you’re still not sure about the Nissan Rogue AWD even after my not-so-kind comments about it perhaps you’d like to see it in action in which case you can check out the review video below to catch up on the details.


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